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Crest Pingpong | pingpong school


About Us

Crest Ping Pong School, is one of the best professional Table Tennis School in Toronto, specialized in Table Tennis development and training.

Do you want to learn ping-pong within one hour? And do you want to play like the professional ping-pong player within one week? We can help to achieve the dream that people can not do. Table tennis may seem easy, but you may not get improvement without the professional coaching.

Our coaches are qualified professionals with competition and training experience. Every student here is given the best attention and training specifically designed for his/her own style. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced progams to suit players of different levels and ages.


Our professional coach Rachel Lu is a former proposal essay topics provincial woman’s champion in table tennis. She is current top player in Ontario Table Tennis team, the top 8 players in Canada, the women’s double runner up in Canada Table Tennis championship. In addition to teach a lot of actual combat experience and the latest technical skills, she also can help you to develop a systematic training plan for you.

Coach Ron Ng is a former player of Youth team of Guangdong College of Sports in Guangzhou, China. Guangdong Youth TT Championship Tournament: 2nd Runner-up. At various Chinese and Canada TT Tournaments: 1st Runner-up, 3th and 4th places. Ron Ng has over 10 years of coaching experences for children and adults in table tennis.

Our professional senior coach Shirley Yu is a former player of ShangDong LuNeng table tennis club. She used to play the top chinese league as the club memerber. Also she has a lot experiecing coach with different levels studes.

We provide professional coaches to teach you from the hand / leg movements are not let any one small error. In addition to the traditional teaching method, we also use high-tech to analysis every chat with free girls step and movement, to avoid the errors.

Welcome to visit and join us.Our teach methods are flexible, can meet you different time needs. You can see two on-site professional coach demo and get a lot of useful advice .


About Us


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